Hello, my name is Jason Turgeon.

I'm an artist, environmentalist, husband, father, armchair historian, landlord, and real estate professional, among other things.

When we started renovating our home in Roxbury's Fort Hill, I planned to document the process. The house "had potential," which is real-estate speak for "it was a complete disaster." And thus the name of the blog.

Home renovations being what they are, I couldn't manage to find the time to write about the process as it happened. But I still want to write down some of the process before I've forgotten all the important details, and we still have a few projects left to document. I've also decided to expand to  product reviews (everything from paint to diaper pails) and thoughts on the local real estate market. 

This blog is focused on profit-making activities and includes affiliate links on some product reviews. If you find my product reviews helpful, clicking on some of the links will result in a small commission to me. I am a Massachusetts licensed real estate agent (license #9506907) and Realtor. My brokerage is the Virtual Realty Group. I document my various other projects at www.jasonturgeon.net. I also have a neglected blog about the history of Fort Hill in Roxbury at forthillhistory.tumblr.com.

If you find yourself in need of a real estate agent in or around Boston, I hope you'll give me a call at (617) 934-6650 or drop a line to jason.turgeon@gmail.com. If not, I hope that my ramblings are helpful or entertaining in some small way. Have a great day!